What I was doing by the last half of the year

acting debut in a film- oh so small role but, for me, this was an amazing experience
passed all the exams
played in the "Lord of flies"
changed fringe to Chung style
learned how to cook
learned how to live on my own
met new colleagues
fell in love with some handsome Brit
left my love in home
plane flight for the first time
moved to a new place
went to The Rolling Stones concert in Hyde Park- how much drugs do I need to take to be so brilliant at the age of 70?

lost myself

The list below shows exactly what am I doing right now. Well, to be honest I would add section 11- Learn new things, 12- improve your skills.
I am back
I hope that you are all okay my lovelies 

2 komentarze:

  1. uh, you're face is so beautiful, girl!
    and i just fell in love with your lovely blog :)

    my dreamcatcher is from ebay, i wish i could make them myself. i would have hundreds of them, hah!

  2. ethereal is the perfect word! you look like a soul sister from the 60s that would have been on tour with the rolling stones :) and it sounds like yo've had an amazing half year of experiences that are making you a wise cool free bird


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